Over 100 light years away from the Sun, A brown dwarf has been discovered using a new science tool that helps astronomers pinpoint new world lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system. Just after six days four different users alerted the science team to the curious object, whose presence has confirmed via an infrared telescope. “I was so proud of our volunteers as I saw the data on this new cold world coming in, and It was a feel-good moment for science,” said Jackie Faherty, a senior scientist at the American Museum of Natural History and one of Backyard World’s researchers. Brown dwarfs, sometimes it is also called “failed stars”, are spread throughout the Milky Way. A Backyard World’s team member said,”Brown dwarfs are strikingly similar to Jupiter so we study their atmospheres in order to look at what weather on other worlds might look like.” It is possible that there is a cold world closer than what we believe to be the closest star to the sun.


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