The Dhola-Sadiya bridge will connect Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and will enhance the existing transport network by reducing travel time by four hours. In the long run, better connectivity will  increase in trade and developmental activities. PM Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s largest bridge in Assam on 26 MAY as his government completes three years.  Major points of this bridge-

  1. The Dhola-Sadiya bridge is 9.15 km long.
  2. It connects Sadiya, which is 540 kilometers from Dispur , capital of Assam, and Dhola, which is 300 kilometers from Itanagar, capita lof Arunachal Pradesh.
  3. The total cost of this project is Rs 950 crore.
  4. Construction of the bridge started in 2011, under the Congress government.
  5. As Arunachal does not have a civilian airport, now the people could to reach the nearest rail head in Tinsukia and the airport in Dibrugarh easily.


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