It is Tuesday night, We friends have decided to enjoy an evening out. The parking lot in front of the meeting point is chock-full.

I find a slot a few blocks away and begin the walk to the rendezvous.

The tall Statesman House, done up in brown sandstone, looms behind me.

There are people everywhere. A young woman looks across the street and reads a green board that says Monkey Bar.

Some others can be seen discussing the merits (prices of drinks, actually) of the various watering holes: Route 04, 100 per cent Rock, My Bar, Beer Café, Warehouse Café and Town House Café.

A few others search for restaurants on their smartphones. It’s 10:30 pm; the party is in full swing. Delhi, infamous for its non-existent night life, seems to have spilled onto the pavements of Connaught Place.

Inside Warehouse Café, all the 75-odd tables are occupied, the music is groovy and waiters dart around with orders, carefully balancing beer and kebab.

Leather sofas and bar stools give it the semblance of a club, while the dim lights make it hard to even read the menu. The queue of waiting guests snakes up to the elevator outside.

The lucky ones will get a table in 20 minutes. For others, it could be a long wait.

There are a few guests sprawled on the chairs, snacking on finger food, swigging from their beer mugs and watching a cricket match.

The people who own this place run three more restaurants and lounges in Connaught Place: Town House Café, One Café Lounge and Boombox Café. An executive tells me that there is still a lot of space left in Connaught Place but one has to find the right location.



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