WWE star Lana has revealed much bigger than that. Lana arrives in the ring at WWE’s RAW and declares she is 9 weeks pregnant, but the next moment she surprises everyone by saying that she did not want to. In such a situation, the fans wanted to know the reason for this. Lana reveals that she has been in a relationship with Bobby Lashley for the past 7 weeks.

Lana then clarified, I’ve been in a relationship withRusev for 7 weeks. This means that the child that is growing in my stomach belongs to Rusev. This is MONSTER BABY (child of the monster). Lana, meanwhile, accused Rusev of having a relationship all the time.

Both Lana and Rusev are WWE wrestlers. Some time ago both halls of fame appeared in the court of Jerry the King Lawler. Lana then said that she could not live with Rusev at any cost. Rusev is an animal, not a human being. He wants to have a physical relationship all the time i.e. morning, afternoon, evening, night.





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