This exhibition displays “beliefs, histories, traditions, arts, and cultures of India that shows Ganga, as a river and as a goddess. One of the paintings depicts the Dawn of Creation in Warli art of MP, by two brothers, Tushar and Mayur Wayeda. The finesse of the work can be seen in two basic colours. The painting depicts the earth, the moon, the sun, air and human beings paying homage to Shankara, the centre of creation. Another impressive painting is of Madhubani art, portraying the contemporary debate of Ganga . It begins with Shiva receiving Ganga and later how she flows through the cities and towns of India like Haridwar, Varanasi, Allahabad, Bengal, Patna etc. The artist, has shown the river in two colours, blue and grey. Another massive painting in Odia Path depicts the entire narrative of Ganga, from how she was born to & what she is now. The exhibition also displays select artefacts from the National Museum. The timeline traces Ganga from Vedic to British and contemporary times, and the chaos.


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