The year 2020 brought shock to the people in many ways. In this year, many kinds of troubles are coming in front of people. The corona epidemic brought the earthquake in people’s lives that no one had imagined. Meanwhile, many such incidents are being seen in space as well. Now according to NASA, from the month of October this year, people will see a mini-moon in addition to the moon. People will be able to see it in the sky till May next year.

According to NASA, this Mini Moon is fast approaching Earth’s gravity and now it will remain stuck for the next several months. Because of this people will see two moons in the sky. NASA’s JPL reported that Asteroid 2020 SO is fast approaching the Earth. It will be a minimum for the sky from October this year to May month of next year.

According to the history so far, twoMini Moon have been recorded on Earth. One was in February 2020, while the other was in 2006. Both of these were Asteroids. But this time the Mini Moon is also being called space junk. According to the information so far, it is 12 to 46 feet long. According to experts, the Velocity of Asteroid 2020 is much lower than Apollo Asteroid.



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