The US is considering limiting the limitation of H-1B visas from 10% to 15% of Indians. The news agency Reuters gave this information on Wednesday night. The US issues 85,000 H-1B visas every year. Most of the 70% of the visa comes from Indian employees. There is currently no limit set for any country. The Ministry of External Affairs has sought information from the authorities that if the US decides the H-1B visa, then how much will it affect India.

Reuters told the sources that the US is thinking of setting the limits of H-1B visa for those countries who compel foreign companies to store data locally. India has been informed about this. The RBI had implemented the Data Localization Policy last year. Under this, foreign companies like Visa, MasterCard, have to store data related to transaction in India rather than foreign servers. American companies and the government there have objection to this rule.


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