BJP launched a protest against the release of six Shiv Sena men who had been arrested for assaulting a retired Naval officer yesterday.

The six accused, including Shiv Sena leader Kamlesh Kadam, assaulted 62-year-old Madan Sharma, the former Navy officer for sharing a WhatsApp forward on Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

“We have arrested six people in connection with the case and applied serious charges but those sections are bailable and due to COVID-19 situation, it is mandatory to give bail. We are verifying for the section 452 for trespassing. If it applies, we will charge them under section 452. Section 326 cannot be applied as there should be an assault with the sharp weapon for it,” Patil told reporters. Shiv Sena leader Kamlesh Kadam and five others were arrested by the Mumbai police overnight after an FIR was registered in connection with alleged assault of retired Navy officer in Mumbai. (ANI)


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