The state government has increased VAT on petrol-diesel and alcohol by 5%. With this, petrol in Bhopal was Rs. 2.91 and diesel Rs.286 / liter Rs. Has become expensive. Petrol in Indore Rs. 3.26 And diesel has become expensive by Rs 3.14 per liter. The price of alcohol will also be 5% higher than the present. The new rates have come into effect since Friday midnight.

In July itself, the government has imposed a special duty of two rupees per liter on petrol and diesel. While imposing special duty, it was estimated that the state government would get an additional Rs 800 to 1000 crores. Now after increasing the VAT by 5 percent, this figure will be more than a quarter thousand rupees. After the approval of Chief Minister Kamal Nath, its notification was released late on Friday evening.



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