The second accused Asif was also caught on the fourth day of the barbaric gang rape of a Nirbhaya Kand with a seven-year-old girl in Mandsaur. He confessed in front of the police that the girl was alone looking at the school gate and Irfan took him along with him after waving him. At the same time, there was tremendous resentment in the state over the incident. On Friday, there were performances in the entire Ratlam Zone including Mandsaur. Sudarshan Gupta, a legislator of the BJP, was caught on camera in Indore’s MY Hospital, asking the victim’s kin to thank his party MP Sudhir Gupta.

“Say thank you to the MP (Sudhir Gupta). He has travelled only to meet you (Sansad ji ko dhanyavad boliye, special aapke liye aaye hain),” Gupta said.


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