Navratri festival is celebrated with fervour and abandon all across the country. Delicious spreads are prepared, houses are cleaned and decorated as friends and family mark the days dancing and in revelry. This year the festival starts from October 17 and will continue till 25.


Navratri is here with festive atmosphere.
Feel the spirit and have fun,
As all the family celebrates as one.
Happy Navratri to you!

I bow to Adi-Shakti, the primal power
I bow to the all-encompassing power
I bow to the creative power
I bow to the divine mother
Happy Navratri!

May the auspicious days of Vasant Navratri manifest energy (shakti), wealth (lakshmi), and knowledge (gyaan) into your life Happy Navratras!

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Shakti Rupen Samsthita
power to stay composed in chaos
power to be kind and righteous
More power to you.
Have a blessed Navratri!

May we tread the pathways of life under your watchful eyes
O Divine Mother Durga, bless us all
Sending my best wishes to you this Navratri!

May the blessings of Maa Ambe always stay with you and your family and help you celebrate a glorious Navratri!
Shubh Navratri!


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