According to information received from sources in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), a Pakistani Air Force fighter aircraft tried to cut the path and block a plane from New Delhi to Kabul.

Pak aircraft flew outside the airspace of their country and tried to stop the path of Indian aircraft. This incident is on 23 September. There were 120 passengers aboard the aircraft, after a long time, DGCA officials have informed about this incident. He said – when the Boeing 737 aircraft entered Pakistan’s airspace, confusion arose over the ‘call sign’ given to him, due to which it came to light.

SpiceJet is known as ‘SG’. That’s why there was a mistake. Pakistani ATC mistook SpiceJet as ‘IA’ and took out the meaning of ‘Indian Army’ or ‘Indian Air Force’. On this basis, the Pakistani ATC reported that an aircraft is coming from India, code of which is ‘IA’. After this, Pakistan immediately launched F-16s so that Indian aircraft could be detected.


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