There are reports of firing between India and China on the southern shore of Pangong Lake in Ladakh. According to a spokesman for the Western Army Command of the Chinese Army, Indian troops have tried to infiltrate by crossing the LAC on the southern side of Pangong Tso on 7 September. China also claims that after crossing the Line of Control (LAC), the Indian Army also opened air fire.

According to the statement of the Chinese Army, the Indian Army crossed the LAC in Shenpao area and when the Chinese Army’s patrolling party proceeded to negotiate with the Indian soldiers, they shot warning shots in the air in response.

There was a shootout on the border of both countries 45 years earlier. On 20 October 1975, China attacked the assault rifle patrol party of Assam Rifle in Tulung La, Arunachal Pradesh by ambush. Four Indian soldiers were martyred in this. In June this year, 20 of our soldiers were killed in a clash between the two countries in Galvan. However, during the violent skirmish in the Galvan Valley, Chinese and Indian soldiers were not fired.



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