The army has shown great potential for frequent mounting accidents due to the ammunition of poor quality used in its tanks, artillery and air defense guns and other weapons. These ammunition and weapons are provided to the army by the Government Ordnance Factory Board. This is claimed in an English newspaper report. According to the report, the army has told the Ministry of Defense that due to mounting accidents, people are being injured besides loss of life.

Apart from this, the equipment is also harming. According to the army, these accidents are increasing at astonishing rate. It is feared that due to these incidents, the army will lose faith in the ammunition supplied by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB).

Let us know that 41 factories come under OFB and its annual turnover is 19 thousand crore rupees. It is the primary source of providing war material to an army of 12 million soldiers. According to the report, Ajay Kumar asked the army to file a detailed report on the problems related to ammunition.


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