Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Tirupati on Sunday after visiting Sri Lanka. They here appeared to Lord Balaji. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy was also present on this occasion. Earlier Modi said in the public meeting, “We BJP workers are not just the election team.

We are not the only people who come to the ground after the electoral drum. We are the systematic arrangements related to the happiness and misery of the masses and for the grand India. Even after the election we will not let any shortcomings in the efforts of people’s general and change in their lives. In Andhra and Tamilnadu, we will do this special work. “

Modi said – Some people still could not get out due to the results of election results. This is their compulsion. The election chapter for us ended. For us, the chapter of serving 130 million people has started. Andhra Pradesh is the government of Jagan Reddy ji. I wish him well. I believe they will not go back to working for Andhra. The central government will also stand fully committed to your development.


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