England became the first World Cup champion England became the winner in the most interesting finals played on Sunday in the Lord’s grounds called the Mecca of Cricket. With this, cricket got a new champion after 23 years of Sri Lanka (1996). For the first time in the World Cup history, Super Over was played in the final. It also happened for the first time, when the match and super over, both were tied.

New Zealand scored the first 241 runs. England were all out on 241 runs England scored 15 runs in the Super Over. New Zealand did the same with the target, but missed out on making a necessary run for the win. In the entire match, England scored 26 and New Zealand 17 boundaries. England was declared winner because of putting more boundaries.

England became the sixth country to win the World Cup. Earlier, West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka won the title. The New Zealand team lost in the second final. Last time it was defeated by Australia. This is the fourth final of England. Earlier, he had lost to Pakistan in 1992, Australia in 1987 and against West Indies in 1979.


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